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Alibaba is also trying to grow its ecom business abroad. But now that growth is slowing they are cutting their ad spending and focusing on. Personally feel baba kweb will be rangebound trading vehicles. Without much inflow of foreign funds into China stocks, i doubt these stocks will. Baba is dirt cheap. But due to the fact its China stock I wont buy it. I think China will attack Taiwan. At least Xi promised that in his new. And why most of the wealth in China is in real estate and the public do not participate in trading stock - which is often seen as a desperate financial move. I. Pretty much just this. Stock is undervalued right now but Chinese stocks have a bad reputation.

About Reddit · Advertise · Help · Blog · Careers Pinduoduo ($PDD) is a big reason why Alibaba ($BABA) r/AlibabaStock - Alibaba Stock BABA. Alibaba (BABA) is set to unveil its quarterly update on Wednesday, with the results coming out as its shares have experienced a 35% decline over. Hi, I'm new to stocks and am mostly invested in SPY but thinking of putting 20% of my portfolio in individual stocks. Based on fundamentals. It's all FUD keeping the stock so low but it's okay. The market will come around. MSFT was shit on for a decade under Steve Ballmer. The egg. What, this Reddit sub isnt good enough? Edit: From the post I thought is was WSB lol. Any opportunity of ever buying BABA ended when they destroyed the value of ANT and Jack Ma was basically sent to the shadow realm never to be. For Alibaba, this is a stock price of 71 divided by earnings per share (eps) of Again, we have a P/E ratio of 2. Dividend yield. A. The stock has seen lower and lower prices over the past year or so. Looks like a real value play but never seems to get upwards momentum. $BABA pros and cons. Discussion. What do you Stock is undervalued right now but Chinese stocks have a bad reputation.. Foreigners can't own. The growth only beat expectation by 2% though, the stock exploded with 20% and already had a huge rally the last weeks. Definitely doesn't.

- Chinese stock market brings Alibaba stock many times down (in my opinon Alibaba should be only sold in USA and Europe) because of the bearish. r/AlibabaStock: A place for high quality news and discussion on the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (NYSE: $BABA). Great stock for a small allocation. r/stocks Current search is within r/stocks. Remove r/stocks filter and expand search to all of Reddit. TRENDING TODAY. Search for "" in r/stocks. In my opinion, the fact that BABA is still growing in a weak economical period for China is incredibly bullish. The economy will get better over. Remove r/stocks filter and expand search to all of Reddit. TRENDING Pinduoduo ($PDD) is a big reason why Alibaba ($BABA) stock has. I remember in the US market when in 60s, 70s stock market was low. Buffet made his money by investing in companies with lots of free cash and. Find the best posts and communities about $BABA on Reddit. If BABA were an American company, it'd be worth x what it is now. But because of that regulatory risk, it's trading at very low levels. I can.

A stock that doesn't care for me. A company who doesn't even know my identity. I have instead diverted my money to index fund that track MSCI. r/baba: The latest news and quality discussion of Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA)(HKG). The stock is trading at half its fair value which is absurd. And Just recently Jack Ma started selling fishing products on these ecommerce sites. These annual growth and profit margin seemed good. But recently, I haven't had much time to follow stocks, thought I've read that investors like. For investors willing to tolerate some volatility, it makes sense to buy Alibaba stock today. It owns some of the best businesses in China, and.

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